Gear List

If you want to get the most out of your back country excursion, here are some helpful suggestions on what to bring.
  1. Rain Gear: coat and pants - NO PONCHOS AS THEY CAN SCARE THE HORSES
  2. Hat, gloves, warm coat
  3. Some type of boots, hiking or slip on, are recommended, but tennis shoes will work - NO OPEN TOED SHOES/FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS WHEN RIDING THE HORSES
  4. Dark glasses
  5. Sun screen
  6. Camera
  7. Long pants
  8. Bug spray
  9. Sleeping bag (rated to -25 degrees F)
  10. Food (unless provided by CCO)
  11. Extra clothes
  12. Toiletries
  13. Wet Wipes
  14. Thermal Underwear
  15. Flashlight/headlamps
  16. Knives (more than one, they get dull fast) for field dressing game
  17. Rubber gloves to keep hands clean while field dressing game
  18. Hunter safety card from your state (required to buy a license in Colorado)
  19. Hunting license (not provided by CCO)
  20. Fishing pole/fly rod

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