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What CCO Does

This high country wilderness paradise is accessible only by foot or horseback. Our Forest Service permit allows us access to guide on more land than any other outfitters in the surrounding area. We have access to take you anywhere within a nearly 115 square mile space of some of the most rugged and beautiful mountain country anywhere. We’ll take you in for a day of fishing, sightseeing, wildlife watching, photography shoots, or just to soak up the country. Or, if you’re up for more of an adventure, let’s stay the night in one of our base camps, and experience a campfire and the view of the stars from 12,000 feet. Or try a multi-day pack trip, seeing different country each day. Our hunts in the fall range from drop camps, to pack in services, to freight services if you get an animal down on your own. If you can dream of an adventure you’d like to experience, let us know and we’ll try and make it happen.

Bart Crawford

Bart has been hunting and packing into this 115 square mile area for over fifty years. He grew up in these mountains with his father and grandfather. He knows his way around a horse and an elk, and will always make you feel at ease and in good hands.

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