Frequently Asked Questions

Number 1:
Q. Where are you/your camps located?
A. We are located in southwest Colorado on Forest Service Road 250, in the Conejos Canyon about an hour southwest of Alamosa, Colorado. Click on the link below to view a map of our boundaries, complete with the locations of all of our camps. 
Number 2:
Q. How far ahead do we need to schedule?
A. We start taking bookings January 1st of each year for the coming season. To guarantee your spot, the earlier you book, the better. Most of our hunting camps fill up by the first of March. If you know the date you will want to go, contact us several months in advance for all trail rides and pack trips. For spur of the moment occasions, give us a call and we will do our best to accomodate you. 
Number 3:
Q. Where is your office?
A. We do not have an office. We trailer up to the canyon every day, and meet all clients at the trail heads. We do not ever transport clients in our vehicles. This is for several reasons. One reason is so that the client has a vehicle at the trail head, and if something should happen that they need to walk out and leave before we can get there, they have a means of transportation and aren't stranded. Another reason is that FDR 250 is a very rough road. It takes us at least twice as long to get to the trail head as it does the client in their car. As such it is a huge timesaver for the clients to simply meet us on location. 

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